Chris B. Murray is a fine artist / commercial illustrator living and working out of Philadelphia, PA (originally from upstate NY). From an early age, Chris immersed himself in everything that dealt with pop culture. His most favorite being hip-hop and everything surrounding the culture including graffiti art, sneaker hoarding / streetwear fashion and most importantly, the attitude. Every aspect of it was so very inspiring to Chris. He even goes as far to say that hip hop and the culture revolving it played a major role in

raising him through his formative years. Those very same influences are deeply rooted in the work he is still making today from the vast array of color usage and character treatment, the inventive narratives to the meticulous compositions and concepts. Chris has disciplined in using a variety of media on various surfaces to create his imagery. Any project / collaboration that allows for him to bellow his artistic voice for everyone to hear (see)…he welcomes the challenge.


Jordan Brand, Bleacher Report, Mass Appeal, NFL, NHL, MLB, Under Armour, Warner Bros. Music, Duckdown Records, 20th Century Fox, Marvel Comics, Dynamite Comics, NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, Avalanche Studios, Paramount Pictures, JBL Headphones, Harlequin Publishing, Loot Crate, The New Yorker, The NY Times, Scientific American, Macmillan Publishers, Popular Mechanics, XXL, Boys' Life, Dirt Rag, Crystal Dynamics, iam8bit / SONY and more.